What is the WAP ?

By Angelina Harari, President of the World Association of Psychoanalysis

The WAP brings together seven Schools, situated in different countries, over different continents. Characterised by the diversity of languages and styles, it is a translinguistic experience which intends to keep the Lacanian orientation and Psychoanalysis alive. All of its members have one thing in common, their theoretical references, their concern for the formation of the analyst, their way of practising psychoanalysis, and their doctrine on the end of analysis. Its members, living in different social and cultural milieu, feel one by one that they form a School ONE, sharing its destiny, sharing as destiny: psychoanalysis.

The existence of the WAP is a consequence of the teaching of Jacques Lacan, as it spread outside of France, as Jacques-Alain Miller noted when he saw a large number of Argentinian colleagues arrive at the Caracas Seminar in 1980, around the teaching of Jacques Lacan, a first in Latin America. Thus, from its birth in 1981, the subject École de la Cause freudienne was already looking beyond its borders. A crucial milestone was the creation of the WAP by Jacques-Alain Miller in 1992. Eight years later, the signifier ‘School One’ came to copper fasten the particularity of the WAP, that is, its extimacy. It is the One that unites the Schools beyond their differences and diversity.