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Scilicet Volume – Contents

Introduction                                                        12

“The Smallest Woman in the World” Angelina Harari

Overture                                                            15

Of Semblants in the Relation Between Sexes Jacques-Alain Miller

Argument                                                          25

Woman Does Not Exist Christiane Alberti

Anatomy, Identifications, Subjectivation               31

Presentation Sérgio Laia

Beyond the Materiality of the Body Rosanna Tremante

Of the Embodied Signifier Andrea V. Zelaya

Only Women Identify Themselves Carole Dewambrechies-La Sagna

Trans Women Beyond Psychosis Russell Grigg

Castration                                                          41

Presentation Flory Kruger

Playing with Lalangue Laura Valcarce

Of What Makes a Hole Nohemí Brown

The Dialectic of the Hetero Claudio Morgado

The Prestige of the Phallus in Decline Gil Caroz

Objects                                                           51

Presentation Fabián Naparstek

The Silence of Woman Margarita Álvarez

Color of Void Cleide Pereira Monteiro

Nothing Sonia Chiriaco

Taking the Other for His Soul Roberto Bertholet

Variations of Lack                                              61

Presentation María Cristina Aguirre

Lack of Object, Object of Lack Daniela de Camargo Barros Affonso

From Lack I Expect Nothing Carlos Rossi

Jouissance from Privation Chantal Bonneau

Without Name Joaquín Carrasco

Masculine/Feminine                                            71

Presentation Mónica Torres

The Common Error Susana Huler

The Future of the Partial Drive Adrián Scheinkestel

Consenting to Femininity Bernard Seynhaeve

Jouissance as Such Alejandra Hornos

Name-of-the-Father and Père-version                   81

Presentation Mario Elkin Ramírez

Père-versely Oriented Concha Lechón

Starting from Interpretation Laurent Dupont

Solutions in Psychosis Inés Sotelo

Beyond Norms and Anatomy Els Van Compernolle

Feminine Form of Desire                                     92

Presentation Anna Aromí

Fantasy, Desire, What Remains Viviana Mozzi

From Pathos to Not-All Valeria Sommer-Dupont

The Matheme of the Desire of the Woman Maria José Gontijo Salum

Flight of Desire Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff

Fantasy in the Feminine                                      102

Presentation Ruzanna Hakobyan

To Be the Phallus or Not to Be Caroline Leduc

Ready-Made Versions Ana Cecilia González

Hainamoration and Femicide Heloisa Caldas

What Makes Up for the Sexual Non-Relation Peggy Papada

Doubt and Dissatisfaction                                    113

Presentation Osvaldo Delgado

Defense Against the Not-All José Lachevsky

Modes of Response Roger Litten

Hysterical Dissatisfaction Jean Luc Monnier

Unpredictable Affects Laura Pacati

Symptom and Sinthome                                      123

Presentation Juan Fernando Pérez

An Answer to the Hole Leonora Troianovski

Believing in It Rachele Giuntoli

A Question of Writing Pilar Ordóñez

Equivoque and Nomination Guy Poblome

Supplementary Jouissance                                   134

Presentation Esthela Solano-Suarez

Between Center and Absence Hélène Bonnaud

De-limited Pepa Freiría

An Obscure Evidence Fernanda Otoni Brisset

On Jouissance One Adriana Laión

Heterosexuality                                                   144

Presentation Marcelo Veras

From the One to the Other Claudia Velásquez

That Which Loves Women Beatriz Gonzalez-Renou

An Ethics Andrés Borderías

Towards Irreducible Opacity Bruno de Halleux

Love                                                                  154

Presentation Marie-Hélène Brousse

A Career With No Limit Jacqueline Dhéret

An Erotomaniac Style Nicolás Bousoño

In Père-version Pasquale Indulgenza

To Enjoy It Jorge Sosa

Ravage and Ravishment                                      164

Presentation Adele Succetti

Jouissabsence Marie-Hélène Blancard

Between Solitude and Disappearance Sara Bordò

The Gaze in Saint Teresa Elvira Dianno

Lol V. Stein, a Being of Three Celeste Stecco

More Real Woman                                              174

Presentation Silvia Elena Tendlarz

The Act of a True Woman Rodrigo Lyra Carvalho

“Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman” Daniela Fernández

Sabina Spielrein, on the Edge of Femininity Florencia Fernández Coria Shanahan

The Act of Medea Angèle Terrier

The White Goddess                                             184

Presentation Agnès Aflalo

Woman as a Name-of-the-Father Esteban Klainer

The Demigod and the Divine Deborah Gutermann-Jacquet

Mask of Heteros Paola Bolgiani

Not-All Mad, Not Mad at All Esperanza Molleda

Push-to-the-Woman                                            194

Presentation Estela Paskvan

Voluptas Marcela Antelo

Emasculation Philip Dravers

A Push-to-the-Exception Sophie Marret-Maleval

A Dead Love Belén Zubillaga

Not-All                                                             204

Presentation Laura Cecília Rizzo

Without Measure Bernard Lecœur

Pass It On Beatriz Udenio

Nothing Is Not the Void Cristiano Lastrucci

The Logical Germ of the Feminine Amanda Goya

Other for Herself                                                 216

Presentation Rômulo Ferreira da Silva

Genealogy of a Matheme: S(Ⱥ) Philippe de Georges

Clinic of Feminine Sexuality Marta Maside

A Jouissance that Unfolds Edna Elena Gómez Murillo

Joyce’s Feminine Position Katty Langelez-Stevens

Lalangue                                                            226

Presentation Araceli Fuentes

The Real of the Non-Relation Heloisa Prado Telles

The Secret Language of Women Graciela González Horowitz

The Ravage of the Word Sophie Gayard

What Remains, Remains Written Renato Andrade

Existing Is Not Being                                          236

Presentation Philippe Hellebois

Towards a Clinic of Resonance Giancarla Antezana

Reading the Letter Damasia Amadeo de Freda

Meaning and Writing Bénédicte Jullien

Heterodox Logic Luis Francisco Camargo

Uses of the Feminine                                           247

Presentation Francesca Biagi Chai

Inconsistency of the Feminine Matteo Bonazzi

How to Write It? Patricia Tagle Barton

Male Feminizations Pierre Sidon

That She Exists Is a Woman’s Dream Gabriela Grinbaum